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Manini Rockpiles

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Rockpiles-10-22-2011/19726509_W5tD...

Just a small Gallery from last Saturday at Rockpiles (The town version). Waves were 8 to 12 with some 24 inch sets.

Sunday Chuns (without the sun) w/ GALLERY

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Chuns-10-23-2011/19707493_gpgKmK#1...

Shot up to the country yesterday (Sunday) as the new Northwester was filling in. Pipe area looked small early and there is still a lot of sand up there. Chuns looked like it was pulling the forerunners in nicely, so that was the call. Took pictures between 8:00am and 10:30am. The waves were 3 to 4 feet with a few 5 footers. Nice shape. Light offshore. The sun didn't make an appearance so the water looks a little more NorCal grey than Hawaiian blue. Click the header to see the top shots.

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North Shore Playground w/ GALLERY

FULL GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/North-Shore-Right/19508609_3rdGJ8#...

Hit the Country this afternoon (Thursday). Waves were down a lot from yesterday. Did the pinball surf check, bouncing around between a bunch of different spots. Finally settled on this super fun, super secret (or not) bowly right hander. Took pictures from 3:30p to 5:30p. Click the header for the creme of the crop and the gallery link for everything else.

The Left to The West of The Bay W/ GALLERY

FULL GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/North-Shore-Left-10-11-2011/194910...

Went country this morning (Wednesday). Had a quick surf at Rockies early. Waves were a bit wonky but still fun. Once the sun got up I went and checked out a left at the other end of the North Shore. The waves were firing - 4 to 6 feet, light offshore with some sick double up barrels on a few of them. There were even a few semi-clean up sets that put the crew through the rinse cycle. Plenty of waves coming through too.

Gloomy Bowls w/ Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Ala-Moana-Bowls-10-06-2011/1939313...

Jumped in for a quick shoot at Bowls (Thursday). I took pictures between 5 and 6pm. The clouds set in just I was heading out so things look a little grey. The waves were super fun, with plenty of 3 foot sets and near glassy conditions.

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Beach Park Smoking w/ Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Beach-Park-10-05-2011/19377034_9J5...

I wasn't too excited about taking pictures today (Wednesday). I surfed yesterday and the lulls were deadly - 30 to 40 minute between sets. I was stoked when I pulled up at the Beach Park to see the ocean looking frisky with some solid 4 foot sets up and down the coast. There were even a couple bigger ones. I took pictures between 11am and 1pm.

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Laniakea Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Laniakea-09-30-2011/19290272_8XVML...

I headed North yesterday (Friday). Laniakea was the spot. Took pictures between 4:30 and 6:30pm. It was 3-4 feet and a little broken up. There weren't too many going all the through but there were still plenty of fun sections. The wind was trades 10-15mph and veering a little side shore at times.

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Chuns Gallery

Chuns Gallery: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/chuns/19263260_cSWL6d#1503911700_V...

Took a few pictures at Chun's on Wednesday (Sep 28th). The waves were small - 2-3 feet - and nothing too spectacular, but the sun was out and there was fun little waves in the country.

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Bowls Action from da big swell

Checkout this video my friend took of Bowls on the end of August swell. Sick!

Swell Sandwich for Friday

Looking like fun waves for the end of the week with a North swell (and Football) kicking off on Thursday and a South Swell on Friday.

That's why Captain Cook called Hawaii the Sandwich Isles, cuz both sides were pumping when he passed by in the 1700s. However, things got ugly when he tried to post up at the Pipe House.