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Diamonds in the Chop with Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Diamond-head-07-23-2011/18187553_B...

The swell charts have been looking pretty dismal, but I figured if anywhere had the magnet turned on it would be Diamond Head. Turned out to be good fun out there. Had some head high to slightly over-head sets. The wind was on it but there were definitely some taggable sections when they doubled up just right. Got a good workout swimming against the current / treadmill. Not always easy being in the right spot, but I got a few.

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Fun Threes

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Threes-07-17-2011/18095125_b3PRK4#...

I shot Threes this morning between 8 and 10am. The waves were down a bit from yesterday, but still had some crisp 2 to 3 footers peeling through.

Congrats to Carissa for taking out the women's world title. The first of many no doubt.

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Beach Park Gallery

GALLERY: http://oahusurfshots.smugmug.com/Other/beach-park-07-16-2011/18085340_6t...

Shot Beach Park Yesterday between 10:30 and 12. I wasn't able to shoot for too long. The waves were fun. A few 4 foot sets.

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Beach Park Nuggets w/ Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Ala-Moana-Beach-Park-07-08/1795517...

Took photos at the Beach Park yesterday (Friday, July 8) from 10:30 to 12noon. Checking the surf from my car pre-session, there were no waves coming through. I swam out anyway and not too long after I got out it started lighting up. A bunch of overhead sets came through and most of them had a nice bowls section. The wind was raging hard at times but was not blowing the shape out. Crowd factor was minor and the crew out there were scoring some killer ones.

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Publics Gallery

GALLERY: http://oahusurfshots.smugmug.com/Other/Publics-07-07-2011/17940899_m38HF...

I shot Publics yesterday afternoon from around 4:30 to 6:30pm.

Sitting, Waiting, Bowling w/ Gallery

Gallery: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Bowls-06-07-2011/17924940_WXktBs#1...

Shot Bowls from 4:30 to 6:30 yesterday (Wednesday July 6). There were a couple Bomb sets but you had wait an hour for them. I was waffling between Big Bowl and sitting deeper most the session. I got a few alright shots. Not all the bigger sets were barreling but there were some. In the end a 10 wave set pretty much flushed me into the harbor so I called it a day. It got pretty cloudy so some of the pictures are a bit dark.

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South Swell May Have Eaten Its Wheaties

Kewalos, Panics, and Flies pulling in a chunky set this morning. Supposed to build all day too. Holla.

June Video Highlights

At the end of the month I figured I'd put the best clips from the month in one video. Looks like a slow start for July, but things could get interesting next week with back to back south swells knocking on our door.

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Geese Shred the Gnar

I got nothing for you today. Except some geese shredding the sickest right-hander in Colorado.

Surf's looking pretty small everywhere. Sandys probably has a few sinus flushers rolling through. Maybe a Manini Country bump on Thursday.

Kaisers Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Kaisers-06-25-2011/17744587_XSQ48m...

I shot Kasiers on Saturday morning from 730am to 930am. Would have been earlier but I was half way over the Pali when I realized I left my frikkin camera at home. Too much water in my head from the last week of waves. Kaisers was fun, mostly 2 feet with a few bigger ones. Some of them were hitting the inside bowl nicely and doubling up along the reef.

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