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Bowls Bump

GALLERY: http://oahusurfshots.smugmug.com/Other/Ala-Moana-Bowls-06-10-2011/174980...

The swell bumped up a notch yesterday (Friday). I shot from 4:30 to 7:00pm. The waves were super fun. Solid 3 foot sets with the occasional 4 footer. I was gonna shoot somewhere this morning, got up early and shot over the Pali, but the swell looked down from yesterday. It was slow with a bit of morning sickness. I might check it out a little later.

I got some nice video yesterday toward the end of the session. I'll probably have it edited together in a day or two.

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Bowls Gallery coming tomorrow

Shot Bowls today (Friday) from around 4:30pm to 7pm. Took photos for a couple of hours and then a little bit of video. The photo gallery should be up tomorrow. Here's a little preview of the video. A two part inside tuber.

Bowls Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Ala-Moana-Bowls-06-07-2011/1744631...

I wanted to shoot Bowls on Monday afternoon but I missed it due to some last minute Craigslist car shopping. Buying a car sucks. I got over there yesterday (Tuesday) and it was down from Monday with no sign of Pat's predicted reinforcement. I figured there'd still be a few good ones and swam out. Ended up being fun. A little slow in the beginning but the 3 foot sets started pumping through toward the end.

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Bowls Highlights

Here's a few video clips I took at Bowls yesterday.

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A Little Bit of Beach Park

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Ala-Moana-Beach-Park-06-05/1741073...

Swam along the Ala Moana Beach Park stretch yesterday (Sunday) and took photos at a few different spots. Was out between 7:00am and 10:00am. The conditions were primo / glassy. The waves 2 to 3 feet and fun. Every once in a while the ocean would light up and deliver a few 4 footers.

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Quick Bowls Vid

The other day when I was taking photos at Bowls it got all dark and cloudy so I shot a few video clips. Just did a quick throw together with some tunes. The footage is from May 14th and 24th. Most of the footage is a little dark.

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Kicking it at Kewalos

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Kewalos-05-29-2011/17302774_4v82Kk...

I shot Kewalos yesterday. I was out between 7:30am and 9:30am. The swell was down a bit from the previous few days but there was still the occasional set pushing head high. I don't go down that way much these days. When I first moved to Oahu I was living a few blocks from Kaka'ako and I didn't have a car so I used to be down there all the time, usually pre-dawn patrolling it and trying to sneak a few in at the point panic rights before the body surfers would kick me out.

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Check your GPS

Check out the boat stuck on the reef inside Rockpiles. Not sure what the captain of this ship was thinking. Probably wanted front row seats to the Local Motion Surf Into Summer.

Looks like town got a little reinforcement. It's still head high on the sets. Fun waves for the comp.

Killer Kaisers

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Kaisers-05-26-2011/17247782_qNvRV7...

I've been shooting so many Lefts lately I needed to balance it out and shoot some Rights. Hit Kaisers from around 7:30am to 9:30am yesterday (Thursday) morning and had a blast. It wasn't as big as Bowls but it was still super fun. There were a few long shots from the deep peak on the bigger (3 foot) sets and plenty of fun wide wedges on the smaller ones. I was able to talk my buddy into shooting a few pictures so I could ride his board and catch a few for myself. Stoked.

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Bowls was a Cracking

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Bowls-05-25-2011/17236532_bC3Qc3#1...

Another bowls session yesterday. 4:30 to 6:30pm. It was a little bigger, a little more consistent and less crowded than the day before. Killer. 3 to 4 feet on the sets with some pretty tunnels rolling through. Pre-session I left my car for 10 minutes in the pay parking section to go grab a few bucks for the parking meter and when I came back to pay da buggah was gone.

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