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Pipe Pits ~ December 20th 2013

Click here for the Best Shots
Click here for Full Gallery

Went North Shore last Friday and jumped in at Pipe to take some pictures. The waves were mental - 8 to 12 feet and pumping. Almost got swept down to Rockies on the way in.

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Pipeline ~ October 11th 2012

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Click for Full Gallery - Pipeline 01-21-2012

Drove up and down the 7 mile stretch yesterday (Saturday). Pipe was the only place that looked any good. It was 4 to 6 feet, not epic, but still had some juicy ones. I started out at backdoor but the current was constantly pulling me toward the peak and I eventually got spooked and shifted to the Left.

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Pipe Gallery from Yesterday. Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Pipeline-04-04-2011/16484869_Tsfcy...

Here's the full gallery from yesterday. I was shooting between 8am and 10 am. For some reason the last 150 or so pictures are at the front of the gallery. Apart from that it's all chronological.

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Pipeline Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Pipeline-03-22-2011/16292287_GBqgM...

Here's the Pipeline gallery from yesterday. I took photos between 10:00am and 12noon. It looks like the swells dropped a notch today and the winds are nuking. The good news is that reports of winter's end have been greatly exaggerated. Pat Caldwell's calling for average to above average spring surf next week with lighter winds. Sick.

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Pipeline Punch

The Northwest swell was holding this morning. Pipe was easy 6 feet and pouring through relentlessly. The winds were perfect, 15mph offshore. Gavin Beschen, Dave Wassel and a handful of surfers were getting some bombs.The spongers were getting some deep pits and doing some loopy things. There were some 3 footers wrapping around a little sand point straight out from the beach park and a few crew scoring some there. I'll have a gallery up in the morning. Here's a few pics to hold you over.

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Dodging Rain Squalls at Pipe - w/ GALLERY

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Pipeline-03-10-2011/16146226_bLNAa...

Here's the gallery from Pipe today. I drove the full length of the country early and everywhere was looking a little funky. I figured Sunset would be dealing with the swell as good as anywhere and jumped in there. I got mowed down by a couple of bombs, snagged a couple of marginal ones and headed in.

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Pipe, Backdoor, OTW Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Pipe-Backdoor-OTW-02-02-2011/15693...

Here's the gallery from yesterday. Click on the title of the blog for some of the best shots. Hard to pick out just a few for the best shots because there were tonnes of killer barrels.

I bet the country is pumping again today.

Shoots, Laks.

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Quick Backdoor check

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Backdoor-01-24-2011/15580832_mLhkc...

After my surf yesterday I stopped by Pipe / Backdoor for a quick look. Backdoor and Off the Wall had a few really sick ones coming through.

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Pre Backdoor Shootout Pipe Gallery

Had a bit of a delay getting the gallery up. Once I get the whole process down it should be a lot quicker.

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Surf/Pipeline-January-3rd-2011/15324762_...

I hit Pipe early. Paddled for a quick one while it was still darkish. It was my first time out there in about a year, and it was a bit too grinding for me. Mostly sat on the shoulder and watched some sick barrels come through, and then went in and snapped some photos before they kicked everyone out of the water for the Backdoor Shootout.

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